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Celebrating the Duke PA 50th Anniversary

Apply to the PA Program

Admission to the Duke PA Program is competitive.
Learn about the prerequisites you will need.

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The PA Program Curriculum

The first program year is devoted to pre-clinical studies and the remaining year is clinical rotations.

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Student Life

Students in the Duke PA program have a long tradition of taking time out of their busy schedules.

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Thinking of applying to the Duke PA Program? View this video to learn more about the program and the city of Durham.

Second Year Student Eddie Kim

Second Year Student Life:
Eddie Kim's Blog

"Duke, being a tertiary medical center, finds itself with a patient population carrying complex medical histories." read more...

The Birthplace of the PA Profession

Welcome to the Duke PA Program, birthplace of the physician assistant profession. Our web site is your complete source for information about the PA Program and the admissions process.

The Duke Physician Assistant Program’s mission is to educate caring, competent primary care physician assistants who practice evidence-based medicine, are leaders in the profession, dedicated to their communities, culturally sensitive, and devoted to positive transformation of the health care system.

Our goals are to educate physician assistants who:

Have the knowledge and skills necessary to evaluate and manage primary care problems;
Communicate effectively and work collaboratively with other members of the health care team;
Create partnerships with their patients to promote health, prevent disease and positively impact the management of chronic conditions;
Demonstrate awareness and sensitivity to social, legal and ethical issues;
Understand the complexity of the health care system and contribute to positive transformation of health care in America;
Relate and respond sensitively to patients and the communities in which they live;
Have the desire and potential to grow personally, socially and professionally;
Enthusiastically pursue lifelong learning;
Contribute to and enrich the PA profession.

We recognize our responsibility to the public and to potential and enrolled students to clearly state our goals for outcomes. Data from the last five years is provided below (2010-2014).

1. Maintain a level of PANCE pass rates above the national average.

The Duke PA Program consistently has a PANCE pass rate above the national average.

Duke PANCE Pass Rate Summary Report 2014

2. Maintain a 98% or better graduation rate for entering Duke PA Program students.*

In the past 5 years, less than 1% of all matriculants have not graduated. Two of the five years have a 100% graduation rate.

* Attrition may be due to student withdrawal or dismissal

3. Deceleration rates for Duke PA Program students will be 2% or less.

In the past five years, less than 1% of Duke PA students have been decelerated, meaning that they have graduated with a later class than that in which they were originally enrolled.

4. The employment rate for Duke PA Program graduates will be 95% at six months after graduation.

As of February 2015, 95% of the Class of 2014 is employed as PAs. 

Learn more about the experience and interests of our faculty and students, and review detailed information about our curriculum. You'll also find resources for alumni and friends of the Duke PA Program, and PA Division postgraduate and multidisciplinary programs.

The Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA) has granted Accreditation-Continued status to the Physician Assistant Program sponsored by Duke University. Accreditation-Continued is an accreditation status granted when a currently accredited program is in compliance with the ARC-PA Standards.

Accreditation remains in effect until the program closes or withdraws from the accreditation process or until accreditation is withdrawn for failure to comply with the Standards. The approximate date for the next validation review of the program by the ARC-PA will be March 2018. The review date is contingent upon continued compliance with the Accreditation Standards and ARC-PA policy.